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3" and 3.5" Banner Poles and Arms

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Single Banner Arm Connectors

Banners held by top and bottom arms (stationary) offer the most resistance and should be used with a steel galvanized powder coated banner pole.

The customer may elect to put larger banners on selected poles at their own risk. Flag Outlet does not offer a warranty on banner poles.

Vertical banner held by no arms or one arm should have a vertical header sleeve. Banner is prevented from riding up the pole by using a ring bead, purchased separately.

Banner Pole at Showhomes
Steel Banner Poles
Item # Overall Length Price
850130 20'x 3"x.116" Steel $289.00
850140 20'x 3"x.203" Steel $350.00
850150 20'x 3.5"x.116" Steel $379.00
850160 20'x 3.5"x.216" Steel $420.00

  • Steel is twice as strong as Aluminum
  • Gold or Silver 6" ball cost $70.00
Aluminum Banner Poles
Item # Overall Length Price
861100 15'x 3"x.125" Alum $210.00
850100 20'x 3"x .125" Alum $269.00
850115 20'x 3.5"x.216" Alum $433.00
850125 25'x 3.5"x..250" Step $510.00
Banner Pole Styles
Double Banner Arm Connectors
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