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Our flagpoles are designed and engineered for long life and beauty.

We precision fabricate the 6063 aluminum alloy, which is standard in the industry. We utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, heat treating our flagpoles to a T-6 temper after welding, tapering 1 inch for every 5.5 feet.

Aluminum is lightweight and all the above manufacturing is done in accordance with NAAMM specifications.


Anodized finish is the best surface available for flagpoles. It is a thin film of clear coloured oxide formed over the aluminum, this film is much harder than the base material, only 6 thousandth of an inch. This is actually grown out of the metal, unlike a plated finish which can peel from its' surface.

Anodized aluminum has an extremely hard protective layer, which is durable and corrosion resistant making it longer lasting. Anodizing keeps aluminum oxide off of your flag, which helps maintain a cleaner flag.

satin brush finish with spray   Tips:

Satin brush finish will discolour. To remove discolouration, clean with soap and water, to which some mild household acid can be added such as lemon juice or vinegar. Do not add ammonia, TSP or soda.

A coat of auto wax, or a silicon spray will help protect the aluminum.

Satin Brush, Clear Anodize, Bronze, and Black Finishes
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